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Teamwork - Collaborate on a Macrame Wallhanging


· Timed Activities,For Teambuilding

Macrame, the art of knotting cords, has been used for centuries, both for making decorative artworks, and also as a practical way to create fabrics and fringing. It's a quick way to create wall-hangings using just cord, and the great thing about it is that beginners can quickly pick up the skill.

In our Collaborative Macrame Workshop, your group will learn the basics of macrame, and then come together to take on the challenge of creating a collaborative wall hanging using just three knots.

Our facilitator will guide the team to work together to decide on the pattern of knots they'll use, and then to stick to the plan. As they progress, they'll need to make sure they all tie their knots at the same tension, so that some parts aren't baggy and other too tight. It can be counter-intuitive to be consistent - this isn't so much about leadership as about everyone being flexible to accommodate other people's style, and discovering each others strengths and creativity.

It's a chance to observe and support each other different natural styles, and at the end you'll have a big wall-hanging to display. It may not be perfect, but it will be impressive and it's a brilliant memento of the experience and what your team discovered.

Perfect for: Collaboration and team work

TIMED: We'll show you the basic skills of macrame. Then we'll set you the challenge of working together to create a wall hanging - we'll guide you through collaborating on the design, coordination and execution of the project over the three hours

What's included:

All the cord and equipement you need to create a wall hanging. Keep your handiwork to display as a reminder

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