A creative craft activity revitalises people, getting them chatting and wondering what’s coming up. It provides just the right amount of challenge and fun, and encourages people to share their own talents and interests.


    Benefits for teams

    Creative activities at away days and team building events are an excellent way to rediscover your own colleagues. They can change up the usual dynamic of a team, giving unexpected people a chance to shine. Often people talk about their own skills and interests out of work, new relationships can form and a spirit of support and shared endeavour can flourish. Not only that, giving people a new skill and something to take home with them is a great way to say thank you for a job well done.


    Benefits for your customers and VIPs

    Providing a bespoke creative activity for your customers and VIPS allows them to really immersive themselves in your brand. It sets you apart as providing that bit extra for them by giving them a skill and an experience. Plus, they’ll get to take home something they’re really rather proud of, to show their friends and remember you by.


    There are so many creative possibilities that craft can offer, so talk to us to find out what would suit your audience and budget.


    There's a format for every situation, from drop-in crafts that take just ten minutes, personalisation stations or engrossing timed workshops. We're always happy to advise on the best format for your needs so get in touch!

    Drop-in activities

    Dip in to creativity for a little whiile

    We’ll set up a pop-up craft activity at your venue or location, for anyone to drop by and try a creative activity for as little or as much time as they like. Perfect for an invigorating start to the morning, much like pre-work yoga, or for lunch and break out activities.
    “I’d never have thought crafting before work would set me up for such a good day” Jen, participant at Craft Breakfast


    Starts at £600+VAT

    Timed activities

    Learn a skill, and complete your first project

    We’ll provide a timed activity lasting from 1-3 hours, where everyone learns a new craft skill together. They complete their first project either as individuals, or in collaboration one project. Activities can focus on mindfulness, socialising, creativity or building working relationship.

    "I can't believe how much I enjoyed it, the time flew by" Matt, from our woodburning workshop


    Starts at:
    £39+VAT per head,
    minimum charge £500 + VAT

    Customisation activities

    Personalise gifts live at your event

    If you've got a product or promotional item you'd like to give to your teams, we can personalise them live for you or in advance. In front of your eyes you can add names, logos or words to fabric, glass, plastic, metal, and so much more

    "I made one for me and one for each of my kids, it's so cute!" Lois, Christmas bauble decorating event


    Starts at:

    £350 + VAT personalised in advance,

    £650 + VAT personalised live at your event



    Craft activities provide a positive, mindful and creative experience that draws people together

  • Stress-relieving needlefelting

    Work out stress with a easy-to-do craft

    Needlefelting is easy enough that anyone at all can started straight away. It takes only a moment or two to learn how to punch the needle in, with this deeply satisfying and stress-relieving technique. There's room for creativity or you can use our easy to follow templates.

    Macrame mindfulness

    A simple but impressive craft

    It's a mindful craft that anyone can do. You'll be surprised how quickly you can create impressive items like plant hangers and wall hangings, either as a team or for individual time to relax and unwind

    Soothing scents

    Design your own essentail oil scents

    Create a candle, room spray or scent to wear, with our wonderful essential oils expert. Focus on good sleep, headache relief, calming or many other beneficial effects


    Every month brings something new and we've got the craft to bring it to life!

  • April


    Easter fun for retail activations and influencer events!


    Mental Health Week

    We have a host of relaxing and mindful activities


    Christmas planning

    It's nearly Christmas in July but we're ready!


    Let them really get their hands on your brand story

  • Personalise the product

    Keep it stylish and fun

    We'll create a simple but elegant way to let your guests personalise the product. Or we can just do it for them, either live or in advance

    Influencer activities

    Let us create something unique

    Need something along a theme? Give us a brief and we'll customise an activity to include your brand or campaign

    In-store activations

    Create activities with products

    We love creating activities that work in store too. Whether it's to launch a new store or a for a seasonal occasion we can create something to fit with your product or theme


    It's engrossing, on-trend and oh-so-shareable.

  • Parties and events

    For programmers

    From private parties to the all-out agency Christmas do, we can provide something special to entertain your guests creatively

    Festival content

    Whether you need a tent programmed over several days, or just a little extra activity for your event, we cover the whole UK and can provide as much or as little content as you need, from woodburning to flower crowns


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    We know you want to make your team, your customers and your VIPs feel special. You want to give them a lovely experience that leaves them delighted and happy – and holding a fabulous keepsake to show just how much you value them. Our modern craft activities are captivating and inspiring people of all ages in the UK and we can bring these creative experiences to you.

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    London Craft Club was founded in 2014 by craft expert Sonia Bownes and then in 2017 she set up Craft Work to specialise in working with businesses.  No matter what your event, we have a craft to suit it, and because our team covers the whole of the UK, we can deliver events of any size, anywhere. And of course, all our activities are as shareable as possible to help you extend their impact. Try us for Team building - Influencer events - Retail activations - Party and event content - Perks and rewards - Anything where you want to engage and inspire your guests!


    Sonia Bownes

    Director and craft expert

    Sonia studied Glass and Sculpture at University, and has used her creative skills with abandon throughout her career in museums, education, and corporate social responsibility. Since founding London Craft Club in 2014 and Craft Work in 2017, she's been a recognised champion of using craft to inspire and delight people.

    Briony Wilson

    Head of Events

    Briony's event management experience ranges from international conferences all the way down to intimate high-end dinners, and she brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the industry. Since joining Craft Work, she's specialised in events that encourage mindfulness and creativity and will help you find the perfect activity to promote happiness in your organisation.

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